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Top 5 NBA Jerseys Everybody Will Want in 10 Years

Undoubtedly, the best way to show your love for a player is to wear their jersey. Many players have infamous jerseys just due to their names. Others simply have the best play available and draw a large enough fan base. Either way, these are the five players that, in ten years, everybody will be itching to wear. Two rules; no already huge players (everybody is going to want a LeBron for the rest of time), and no REALLY old players (if they aren't already popular now, that's probably not going to change).


A bit of an odd start, but hear me out on this one. Larry Sanders had the second most blocks per game in the league. Who is more exciting that somebody who can send guys away from the basket almost three times per game? The only guy that had more last season was Serge Ibaka, and, quite frankly, Sanders just seems to have more curb appeal than Ibaka. Sure, the name Ibaka looks a lot more distinctive on a jersey, but the problem is he doesn't really have the chance to be the best player on that Thunder team, and Sanders CERTAINLY has the chance to be the best on the Bucks. The Bucks probably aren't going anywhere fast, and Larry Sanders will probably look very good because of that. I doubt he will be an NBA star, but I bet his jersey will be out there for the looking.


Ok, this one might be a bit of a wing and a prayer, but McLemore just seems like the kind of player that would have a very cool jersey. Personally, I think he was the most talented player to come out of the 2013 draft class, and I believe he holds a very strong future. Will he be LeBron James or Kobe Bryant? Probably not, but could he be one of the 15 best players in the league? Absolutely. McLemore's jersey could be one of those ones that many people look for after he retires, as well. In any case, McLemore has the talent to have a top selling jersey


This jersey is a bit backwards compared to the first two, but it fits the criteria. Garnett will probably be more remembered by many for his days in Boston, going to two NBA Finals and taking home one Larry O'Brien Trophy in the process with the help of Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, thought to be the "Big 3." However, Kevin Garnett is still the most important player in Minnesota Timberwolves history. Garnett still leads the team in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. But that doesn't answer the question, why will this jersey be so cool in 10 years? Well, by that time, Garnett will be retired and this jersey will probably be a Hardwood Classic. By that time, people will realize that, not only is this jersey ridiculously cool looking, but also that Kevin Garnett will forever be one of the top three Minnesota Timberwolves ever. The only reason I don't rank him higher is that his career in the land of a thousand lakes is overshadowed by his championship in Boston much of the time. In any case, his Wolves jersey won't soon be forgotten.


Kidd's reasoning is pretty similar to Garnett's. Kidd was one of the most dominant players in the league at certain points in his career, many of them coming during his stint with New Jersey. He was tall, quick, a fantastic shooter, and had great passing. In all of Nets history, he leads in 3 pointers, assists, and steals. So, sure, some could debate he's not the best player in Net history. However, for this list, it honestly doesn't matter. Kidd will be the first coach since 1980 to play and coach for the same team. That's one giant piece of NBA history in one simple jersey. 10 years may seem long for a coaching position, but Kidd is a player's coach. He hasn't spent one year out of the league, he still knows how things work. If he sticks his position in Brooklyn, Kidd's Net jersey will be an unprecedented amount of awesome in 10 years, especially for any Net's fans out there.

A notable mention goes out to the "Fro Kobe" number 8 jersey for the Lakers. I think this could easily be number 1, but I feel like it's already a little bit too well known and already looked for to be on the list. However, it still stands as pretty nice jersey of the NBA's past. It also holds a nice homage to the Shaq-Kobe days in Los Angeles, and I know everybody in that city wishes they could have lasted a little longer.


I feel sort of bad putting this one over Garnett and Kidd, but this a list of jerseys, not players. Carter doesn't have the records that Garnett and Kidd have, but he did play six seasons with the Raptors, and still leads the team in Player Usage Rating and (believe it or not) Player Efficiency Rating. Carter was probably still the biggest offensive weapon the Raptors have ever had (sorry Chris Bosh). Carter was certainly the best dunk contest participant ever, no questions asked. He wasn't exactly the greatest ever, but that doesn't mean his jersey won't be highly sought after. For starters, when he was at his peak, people debated between Kobe and Vince. In fact, many scouts said that Vince Carter was supposed to be the next Michael Jordan, however, his work ethic simply wasn't there. Ultimately, Carter will get into the Hall of Fame, averaging 20.8 points per game with 5.0 rebounds, 3.8 assists, and 1.1 steals per game to contribute as well. Oh, did I mention he was an 8 time All-Star, 1999 Rookie of the Year, and an Olympic Gold Medal in 2000? Vince is going into his contract year in Dallas, and I anticipate that he will opt to retire after the season. Vince has said that he isn't ready to retire but sometimes, you have to listen to your body. Anyway, he will retire, wait 5 years for his eligibility, and eventually make it into the hall. For him to do it in 10 years means he will have to get in on his fourth ballot, putting him in a category with somebody like James Worthy. While that's probably not going to happen, people will be seeing his name on ballots, the NBA will realize how sweet that Raptor jersey is, and it will become a Hardwood Classic. So, maybe Vince Carter wasn't the best player, but he might have been the most electric. There's one thing nobody can deny; Vince Carter was a giant badass, and people tend to like jerseys of very cool players.